Where is Hamburger Menu on Google Maps

Removing a feature and it’s associated interactions from any smart application e.g Google Maps is always full-of-pain for the users especially during the commute. For Google Maps, They are sunsetting

iOS Camera 3D Touch – Origami Studio

3D camera touch interaction involves following patches (which require recall). Interaction Capture touch events on specific layers. Note that layers must be enabled and have an opacity larger than 0

My Favourite Design Movies

Abstract – The Art of Design Step inside the minds of the most innovative designers in a variety of disciplines and learn how design impacts every aspect of life. Design

User Experience Tools Cheatsheet

User Research AirTable Chalkmark Clicktale Dscout Ethnio Lookback Loop11 Questions Reframer UItests Usabilla UserTesting UserZoom Information Architecture DynoMapper MindManager OmniGraffle OptimalSort SmartDraw TreeJack Visio Xmind Xsort Wireframing Balsamiq Mockingbird OmniGraffle

Recognition vs Recall in Interface Design

Recognition In Interfaces: Recognition is a methodology that requires cues to recognise the object using memory retrieval. One example can be the “Homepage” button in Safari (web browser). With this feature,

Interaction Modes and SketchApp

Software interaction modes are the foundations of Software Interaction Design, which include (To remember those, I’ve a shortcut: AVFM-CCM): Affordance Visibility Feedback Mapping Constraints Consistency Metaphors I’ve taken an example