Design Sprint

The design sprint is a five-day process for quickly answering big challenges through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers/stakeholders

Design Sprints are mostly conducted over a week and each five days is subject to unique activities and milestones.

Monday is to build a common information base, to understand the issue and to choose a goal for the week. Gain from the whole day pin-pointing the weeks center each other.

Tuesday will be the day to get innovative and work on solutions to your dilemma. It’s time to take a pen and get to draw up ideas. You should also start hiring participants on Friday for the test.

You will have to evaluate every solution on Wednesday, and decide which one will better meet your target. Then it’s time to start preparing a prototype design.

Thursday is the day you will be able to build your prototype on Friday. Make sure everybody is set, including confirmation of the timetable, concept reviews and the preparation of an interview script.

Your theory has to be tested! You have either validated or invalidated the proposal at the end of the day. In any case, you have learned useful lessons to save time and resources eventually.