Double Diamond

Double Diamond is an iterative design process made up of four stages: Discover, Define, Develop, Deliver.   

1 – Discover

Discover is about understanding the problem in best possible manners. It clears the context to be focused based on research and data gathering in the form of User Interviews, Usability Testing and Reviewing analytics.

2 – Define

The learning from the research during the discover stage will help you in the next stage: Define. User your understanding of the problem space to focus on the most important part. This could be the biggest pain point for your users, or an area of the best opportunity for improvement.

3 – Develop

The second diamond is about designing and creating solutions. You’ll start in the Develop stage. Collaboratively creating solutions that you think solve your defined problem, the designing and creating prototypes which will be used for testing in the next stage. 

4 – Deliver

The final stage is the delivery before the first evolvement. This involves testing out your different solutions to learn which ideas to scrap, and which ideas to improve upon.