iOS Camera 3D Touch – Origami Studio

3D camera touch interaction involves following patches (which require recall).

iOS camera 3D touch – Origami Studio


Capture touch events on specific layers. Note that layers must be enabled and have an opacity larger than 0 to receive touches.

Long Press

Capture long presses. To be used with the Down port in the Interaction patch.


Remember state (on or off). Switch patches are like light switches. They can be off or on and are useful when building simple two-state interactions (showing and hiding comments in a popover, for example). See State Basics for more information.


Convert a value between 0 and 1 (often a progress value) to a value between a new range defined by the start and end values.

Wait: Start a timer that waits for a specified duration.

Classic Animation

Animate a number (ex: position, opacity, scale) using a standard animation curve whenever the number is changed. See Animation Basics for more information.

Layer Panel

Layer panel Contains 6 layers as
1 background with icons,
1 blurred background,
2 for camera icons (1 for before and 1 for aftertouch),
1 for 3D menu.

Preview: GIF