Jobs To Be Done

Jobs-to-be-done is a framework for understanding what a user is ultimately trying to achieve, not just the action they take

JTBD is founded around the principle of ‘hiring,’ or ‘firing,’ a commodity for the sake of doing a task. JTBD Please ask yourself “What is my job?”

One of JTBD’s most frequent manifestations is the fact that people don’t want a fourth inch box; they want a fourth outlet. You are going to use your brands to achieve your work. Understanding that consumers are using your products will help you develop improved customer experience and help you appreciate the fitness of your products.

You can write J TBD stories as;
When ———————–
I want to ———————–
So I can ———————–

Structuring them in this way will help you understand the situation, the motivation and the intended outcome from the user.