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VoiceMed identifies patients at high risk for COVID-19 by utilising Artificial Intelligence technology.

Record your voice and help millions of people!

Color Palette (Primary)

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Logo Refinement

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Refined Logo

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Lets Make This Crisis End Earlier

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With the rise of touch-sensitive surfaces, multi-finger gestures (e.g., pinch and zoom gestures) became prominent. We zoom in and out on maps or photos on touch-enabled surfaces such as mobile phones or tablet computers (Han, 2005). Also, this new paradigm required novel ways of interface organization, relying much less on hierarchical menus, scroll-bars, or a dedicated representation of a pointer, such as a mouse pointer.

Tangible interaction is another promising paradigm since it enables the interaction with everyday objects in the environment in a very intuitive and natural way.
In this project, we aim to support multi-touch and tangible interaction particularly in smart environments.

The main goal of this project was to design a new tangible, multi-touch user interface for the couch table (Samsung SUR40 Multi-touch Table | Purchase it from Amazon), either in Windows with the (deprecated) MS SDK or Linux with the surface-2.0 open-source driver.

How Multi-Touch(Microsoft PixelSense) Technology Works?

Mind Map

Flow Map

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ISA Saarbrücken is the new International Student Association in Saarbrücken. With the motto “students helping students” it is its aim to welcome and help international students as well as interns during their stay in Saarbrücken and at the same time to motivate and prepare outgoing students to discover the world! Through connecting locals with internationals, it wants to integrate its incoming students and to show them the advantages and beauty of the Saarland.

Currently, ISA is an ESN- Candidate Section, aiming to become a full member in summer. The Erasmus Student Network ESN is the biggest international student network with 525 sections in 41 countries.


Emojis Preview


The Fun Part

ISA-Mrs. Claus

Stay Home - Stay Safe

Wear Mask – You Save Me, I Save You.

Beta Release Date

20 December, 2019


The major task was to revamp existing official website of Computer Graphics Lab. The Computer Graphics Lab at Saarland University was founded by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Slusallek. Computer graphics the lab is occupied with the research, development and implementation of distributed applications which are based on a middleware for relaying, processing and displaying multimedia data.

The Problem

  • Outdated and Non-responsive design/behaviour for smart devices
  • Lack of the true essence of courses details
  • Hidden contact Information and lack of filtration of required information

The Solution

  • Responsive, clean and minimalistic design Design
  • Prominent course, publications and contact information/extracts

Tools - Framework Used

Sketch App

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator






Color Palette

Modular Design

Logo Variations

Logo Finalised

Existing Design

Beta Design

User Flow is as simple as a click of button


UdS-Ride is a mobile application that allows and facilitates users to share their trips to and from Saarland University with others. In essence, a driver may post about their trip plans on the app. Passengers can then sign up for a trip of their choice.

Must-Have Criteria

  • The system must be able to provide pick up locations, this includes points at university and bus stops surrounding the university.
  • The system must allow users to register via official campus (student/staff) email before using the app.
  • Users must be able to book rides from or to university, where the destination and arrival location can be selected from the pick up locations.
  • Drivers must be able to pick up passengers along the way.
  • The system must provide a communication tool (such as a group chat) to allow drivers to communicate with their passengers.
  • The system must provide the option to contact app support (AStA) via e-mail.
  • The system must have a legal disclaimer provided by AStA.
  • Users must be able to easily delete their account.
  • The system must support Android and iOS platform

May-Have Criteria

  • The system may be extended to different languages such as French and German.
  • The system may have an anonymised rating system which allows passengers to rate a ride or drivers either positively or negatively.
  • The system may provide an option to report drivers directly to AStA, for instance after rating a ride negatively.
  • The system may provide a suggested price for non-students (i.e., professors and staff) that can be paid as a tip by the passenger.
  • The system may have optional GPS tracking to allow passengers to track the current position of their drivers in real time.

Color Palette

Logo Preview / App Icon


Search Ride

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The primary purpose behind is to design an application that takes a pipeline approach to include the elements that affect the quality of a meeting including the evaluation.

Meeting trainer application that will be useful to increase meeting quality by using the agenda management, meeting time, meeting facilities and shared feedback (based on research) of formal meeting participant/s which can be either fellow worker, workmate, teammate, co-worker, associate, partner, co-partner, collaborator, ally, comrade or companion.

The application prototype has been created for use on mobile devices with an iOS platform, essentially all of the ‘X’ series of iPhone with at lest OS 12.0.

The user interface will be intuitive and simple to navigate, with 95% of new users being able to use the application without referencing the user manual. A user guide and system administration will be discussed later in this document.


Meeting Trainer App, initiated from the exploration of existing literature along the core purpose to increase meeting quality by keeping in contrast the agenda management, meeting time, meeting facilities and shared feedback.

The second step was to analyse the concept and finalise the requirements from a technical and psychological perspective by following the modular approach.

The next step was to develop the prototype which better demonstrates the idea/concept. This step was followed by using the entire prototyping cycle as defined by experts (Human Computer Interaction Group at Saarland University, Norman Nielsen Group). Prototype cycle explanation is coming up in upcoming pages. The process was as per the defined rules for usability

  • Efficient and Effective to Use
  • Easy to Learn and Remember
  • Have Good Utility

Nielsen Norman Group

The Nielsen Norman Group (NN/g) is an American computer user interface and user experience consulting firm, founded in 1998 by Jakob Nielsen, Don Norman and Bruce Tognazzini.

Human-Computer Interaction Group

The Human-Computer Interaction group, led by Prof. Dr. Jürgen Steimle, is part of the Department of Computer Science at Saarland University and member of the DFG- Cluster of Excellence “Multimodal Computing and Interaction” at Saarland University.


Meeting design characteristics and attendee perceptions of staff/team meeting quality

The study is focused on how meetings are designed, which is referred to as meeting design characteristics. Design characteristics have the ability to be identified, measured, and purposefully planned into a meeting. They relate to the following natures of the meeting:

  • Temporal Characteristics (how meeting time is used)
  • Attendee Characteristics (the number of attendees and the presence of a meeting facilitator)
  • Physical Characteristics (the meeting setting and environment)
  • Procedural Characteristics (how the meeting is conducted)

Emotions in Organizations: Joint Laughter in Workplace Meetings

Humor and laughter are emotion-involving activities that can be jointly constructed in interaction. This article analyzes instances of joint laughter in leader-member meetings where laughter may or may not be associated with humor. The method applied is conversation analysis in which the focus lies on laughter's role in the microlevel organization of interaction. The results show that the instances of laughter do not occur in accidental locations but are clearly connected to specific activities.

  • Humor and laughter can be strategically used by team leaders to create collegiality and a good working atmosphere in their teams.
  • Laughing together is connected to closing down a topic or a phase in a meeting in a way that displays mutual understanding.
  • Shared laughter initiated by team members appears to be a resource that can be used to reduce tension in challenging situations such as the accomplishment of difficult tasks or the treatment of delicate topics.
  • Laughing together can be used to do remedial work in problematic or conflicting situations

Ultimately, joint laughter appears to be a resource that can be used to improve the task performance and, through this, the achievement of the goals of the organization

Perceived Meeting Effectiveness: The Role of Design Characteristics

Purpose The aim of this investigation was to test hypotheses about meeting design characteristics (punctuality, chairperson, etc.) in relation to attendees’ perceptions of meeting effectiveness. Two studies were conducted:

  • Study 1 investigated meetings attended in a typical week (N = 958)
  • Study 2 examined the last meeting attended on a particular day (N = 292)

LITERATURE EXTRACT (Factors that influence the meeting quality)

Study 01

  • Starting on time (ß = .27, p < .01)
  • Ending on time (ß = .31, p < .01)
  • Having appropriate meeting facilities (ß = .33, p < .01)

Study 02

  • Providing written agenda before the meeting (ß = .28, p < .01)
  • Agenda completion (ß = .31, p < .01)

The meeting trainer application will use the above influencing factors to increase the meeting quality. A questionnaire will be used at the end of the meeting within the application to cover the above literature extract along with the questions realted to following prespectives after the meeting, where Points 1, 2 & 4 are under the responsibility of application to calculate/analyse automatically. And Points 3 & 5 are under the responsibility of meeting attendee to calculate/analyse automatically.:

  • Use of agenda
  • Agenda completion
  • Facilities
  • Punctuality
  • Perceived Meeting Quality


A mind map is a diagram used to visually organize information. A mind map is hierarchical and shows relationships among pieces of the whole. It is often created around a single concept, drawn as an image in the centre of a blank page, to which associated representations of ideas such as images, words and parts of words are added.

Mind Map- Meeting Trainer


The flow map is the visual representation of the relationship between different modules. It also shows which module is connected to whom along with the dependencies. The flow is representing the relationship of the primary users (facilitator and attendee).


The design strategy was based on agile model.


MOCKUPS (Selected:Few of Many)

Problem Space

Visited the “Bewegung” stations (9 in total) at evening time during working days and over weekends.

It was found that the students were having different exercises on different stations. Also students were more interested and active in HIPS station. Eveny station had a visual guide (installed next to the station). Which is helpful to know, how to do proper exercise for a specific purpose using the installed equipment on the station.

The most busiest station was HIPS station. It was also found that mostly students were not able to understand the meanings of visual text guide (which was only written in German Language). It was realised that the International students community was interested in English Language visual text guide. Students those who were not able to understand, they were either taking help from their German friends or Google Translator to better understand.

Some were also having the look at the website for “Campus in Bewegung | Universität des Saarlandes” as it also offers the reading services in English language.

Photo Credit:

During our visit, It was found that the “Botanic Garden” station was having more interest from employee as compared to students. A group of employee were having different exercises right before the end of working hours/time. The employees were more interested in “Arm Pull” & “Ab Trainer” exercises

Pain Points

Multilingual Issue

The instructions and information is only in German Language

Station Tracking

As of the new students were not aware of which station is where and how much far away

Perfect Exercise

As some families and eldely people were not aware of which exercise is good for them and which one is not. Which one needs more attention and which one needs less


What happens next when the exercise went perfect and what happens next when an exercise goes bad. What are the side effects on the body, What are the true benefits of any specific exercise for any age group starting from kids to elderly people


Some students mentioned that their activity is not being tracked due to which it is difficult for us to better understand the calories log, diet planning, exercise schedule management. Some were also concerned about water consumption during exercise

Persona Creations

PS: Real photos were replaced with imaginary characters.

Persona Scenarios

Elizabeth Smuddle

Elizabeth starts her work at 9am to 2pm at the coffee shop. She take her son to the kindergarten at 8am and pick him up at 4pm every day. After her delivery, she gain some weight and wanted to lose it, but never get the chance to participate to a Fitness club. 
She heard about the Campus in Bewunung from her coworker. Since she doesn’t know german well, the signs were not very helpful to her.

Using the application, which provide an English version, she knew where to go and chose an exercising program that fits her. And she has a plan on the application and a goal she tries to follow daily.

Emory Tarnoop

Emory is taking four courses during current semester. He doesn't have time with all the homeworks and projects to join a GYM, However, he used to be active and play sports. He heard about the “Campus in Bewunung” from one of his friends. He installed the application(which we are assuming is using the exisitng material available on web of on Hochschul Sport app) and explored the stations and the location of them. 

And he choses an exercising program the application suggests to him depending on his information e.g: heigh, weight, age. When he has a break between the lectures, after the university day or over the weekends, with the help of the application he goes to the station and do the desired exercise

Hierarchical Task Analysis (HTA)

HTA for the task of doing all the exercises on the fitness trail. It starts from the person who is already on the campus

Mockups (shuffled)

This application is designed for the citizens and visitors of Yanbu Al Siniyah AKA Royal Commission Yanbu or RCY. Users of this application can register their complains regarding Royal Commission Yanbu by specifying the type of issue, its location as well as attaching a picture of it. After providing this information the user will be able to get instant feedback from RCY by referring to the status of complain


Public Availability

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Guide to Yanbu Al Sinaiyah provide information to visitors on Yanbu Al Sinaiyah. It provides numerous tools including maps, points of intererests, contacts, events and news regarding Yanbu Al Sinaiyah AKA Royal Commission Yanbu


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