UdS Ride – Saarland University Ride Sharing App


UdS-Ride is a mobile application that allows and facilitates users to share their trips to and from Saarland University with others. In essence, a driver may post about their trip plans on the app. Passengers can then sign up for a trip of their choice.

Must-Have Criteria

  • The system must be able to provide pick up locations, this includes points at university and bus stops surrounding the university.
  • The system must allow users to register via official campus (student/staff) email before using the app.
  • Users must be able to book rides from or to university, where the destination and arrival location can be selected from the pick up locations.
  • Drivers must be able to pick up passengers along the way.
  • The system must provide a communication tool (such as a group chat) to allow drivers to communicate with their passengers.
  • The system must provide the option to contact app support (AStA) via e-mail.
  • The system must have a legal disclaimer provided by AStA.
  • Users must be able to easily delete their account.
  • The system must support Android and iOS platform

May-Have Criteria

  • The system may be extended to different languages such as French and German.
  • The system may have an anonymised rating system which allows passengers to rate a ride or drivers either positively or negatively.
  • The system may provide an option to report drivers directly to AStA, for instance after rating a ride negatively.
  • The system may provide a suggested price for non-students (i.e., professors and staff) that can be paid as a tip by the passenger.
  • The system may have optional GPS tracking to allow passengers to track the current position of their drivers in real time.

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