Smart Couch Table – Samsung SUR40


With the rise of touch-sensitive surfaces, multi-finger gestures (e.g., pinch and zoom gestures) became prominent. We zoom in and out on maps or photos on touch-enabled surfaces such as mobile phones or tablet computers (Han, 2005). Also, this new paradigm required novel ways of interface organization, relying much less on hierarchical menus, scroll-bars, or a dedicated representation of a pointer, such as a mouse pointer.

Tangible interaction is another promising paradigm since it enables the interaction with everyday objects in the environment in a very intuitive and natural way.
In this project, we aim to support multi-touch and tangible interaction particularly in smart environments.

The main goal of this project was to design a new tangible, multi-touch user interface for the couch table (Samsung SUR40 Multi-touch Table | Purchase it from Amazon), either in Windows with the (deprecated) MS SDK or Linux with the surface-2.0 open-source driver.

How Multi-Touch(Microsoft PixelSense) Technology Works?

Mind Map

Flow Map

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