Recognition vs Recall in Interface Design

Recognition In Interfaces: Recognition is a methodology that requires cues to recognise the object using memory retrieval. One example can be the “Homepage” button in Safari (web browser). With this feature, the user can easily navigate to the “Home” (stored/saved URL) against this button in the browser and hence the visual of the button supports the user to recognise the action of navigating to the home (e.g: I’ve marked Apple’s official website as a home – I can switch to Apple home any time by just recognising and tapping the home button)

Recall In Interfaces: Recall is a methodology that requires cues to help users recall objects or actions from their memory based on previous interaction, use or experience. The “Cpanel” user interface is the perfect fit as an example: The interface provides visuals (icons) and text to select the desired directory or action. Hypothetically, if the labels are hidden then the user has to recall the label and task associated with the visual (icon).