Where is Hamburger Menu on Google Maps

Removing a feature and it’s associated interactions from any smart application e.g Google Maps is always full-of-pain for the users especially during the commute.

For Google Maps, They are sunsetting the hamburger menu on the search bar but they kept it there because they knew people would look for it, but the icon has a little interrogation mark

Google Maps – Hamburger Menu/interrogation mark

When you tap the Hamburger Menu with interrogation mark, it “on-boards” you to where all the things that were there went to

When the tap is done on the profile icon on the right side, it also shows the content of Hamburger Menu as well as profile settings and privacy policy.

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~Pedro Marques

I find this a cool way to introduce change without scaring people away and being confused about where things went. But I am intrigued about such a change and to understand why Google is moving those options from a clear menu to a profile picture.

Later, I realised that it’s a bold move, to be honest, abandon a near-universal pattern and hope people internalize the Google-specific pattern.

On the other side, the menu was getting fairly overcrowded so it makes sense to me that settings and timeline settings are moved into an account area.
I’m not so convinced about spreading all the other items around in the UI though. I think this is ‘marketing-goals directing behaviour-change’ at work. ‘Contribute’ and ‘Updates’ have been bumped to the front row in nav menu, so they probably want more reviewers and user-generated content.

Make Google maps reviews more accurate and relevant -> increase importance of Google maps for venues -> increase marketing revenue from venues buying promoted icons in map and promotions in listings
~Harald Skogland