Jewels in My Crown

Helping Organizations of all Shapes and Sizes for Creating Positive User Experience

Recent Research Work

Design Guidelines to Increase the Persuasiveness of Achievement Goals

The research work investigates the perceived persuasiveness of different goal types as defined by the 3Γ—2 Achievement Goal Model, what people like and dislike about them and the role that behavior change intentions play when aiming at increasing step counts

Tailored Skills 🎩

User Identification &
Persona Creation

User Response Analysis &
Requirement Gathering

Interviews &
Online Surveys

User Pain Point Metrics

Feature - Product Driven Design

Scenario-Based Prototyping


My Employer's Business Privacy is My Privacy πŸ”’

My public portfolio has no boundry and covers all of the domains and dimensions. Actual portfolio (private - real work done for different organizations) is only available during recruitment process due to the privacy and confidentiality (Nope, I am not looking for the opportunity/job switch).

I'm more than just a Designer πŸ‘€

Why Do I Do

Design for me is a passion, I taste colours before applying and my soul enjoys them a lot. Coding πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’» is my secondary tool of design. I am a nature taught human who likes to work in diverse teams around the Globe

My Philosophy

For me, everyone is a designer πŸͺ„. I learn from others as I believe that the best source to learn from is the person right next to me

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